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Name:Sad preacher nailed upon the coloured door of time
Birthdate:Aug 10
This is kateorman's side journal about colours, synaesthesia, and art.

Interests (89):

abstract art, abstract paintings, achromatopsia, alice blue, alizarin crimson, amaranthine, aqua, argent, azure, bee purple, bermuda green, bice blue, bice green, black, blood red, blue, brick red, brown, butterflies, buttons, candles, cerise, cerulean, cherry, chinese red, cobalt blue, color, colors, colour, colours, copper, crayons, crimson, doors of perception, eau-de-nil, flowers, fuchsia, gold, green, grey, gules, heliotrope, hummingbirds, incarnadine, indigo, infrared, international klein blue, iridescence, iris, jackson pollock, jelly beans, josef albers, kool aid, lavender, lilac, mark rothko, modern art, non-representational art, or, orange, orchids, peacocks, pearlescent sky blue, pigment, pink, plum, plumage, purple, purple haze, purpure, rainbow, rainbows, red, sable, scarlet, silver, synaesthesia, synesthesia, tangerine, tetrachromats, the color kittens, turquoise, ultraviolet, vermillion, vert, violet, viridine, white, yellow
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